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deviation in storage by milkybee
deviation in storage by milkybee



PAWPatrol MerfolkMaker by evilredcaboose
PAWPatrol MerfolkMaker
Ever since my son turned one, I've fallen in love with the show PAW Patrol.  It's a children's show on Nickleodeon that involves a young boy (Ryder) and his team of Rescue pups.  They have a mantra "No job too big, no Pup too small"  all the citizens of their small coastal town must do is "Yelp for help" and Ryder and his team is there.
From Left to Right it's:
Chase "Chase is on the case"
Marshal "Marshal to the rescue"
Skye "This pup's gotta fly"
Rubble "Rubble on the double"
Rocky "Don't lose it, reuse it"
Zuma "Time to dive in"
I'm missing Everest but I plan on making her and Ryder shortly.
100TC-012-Insanity by EratoTiaTuathaInsanity by randomdude15 InsanityCall me insane..
Because my mind
Like nothing before seen
Maybe I am insane..
I know I am not normal
Normality is a joke
Not your normal insane..
With padded walls of white
A comfy suit of paranoia
The less insane..
Where sleep is scarce
Emotions and thoughts untamed
Classify me insane..
Because I don't hide the dirt
The rug has been lifted for all to see
Yes insane..
My dreams are much so
Inexhaustible are these thoughts
Honestly insane..
The hours of the night are to me
As I lay typing instead of dozing
By: C Matthew Sieradzki 3-8-2010 0030
InsanityCan you hear that?
Those voices -
Those demonic, frightening voices
Dull vibrations, static noise
Clear as misty fields in the dead of winter
Screams so loud they may shatter my skull
With their deadly bassline
Can you see them?
Why can't you see them??
Distorted faces, rotting flesh
Pitch black eyes and gaping wounds
Hidden in a corner; fetal position
"Our Father who art in heaven - 
Hail Mary, full of grace."
It isn't real
This can't be real!
Futile reassurance lull me to sleep
Grasp my wrist and paint a perfect picture
Agonizing howls ring out into the night
Left with the scars of their mutilation
Silence falls as the knife hits the floor -
And they're no where to be found

Mature Content

Mature Content

12. Insanity by Takluna#12 Insanity by dragondoodle12. Insanity by Ngoc12 12. InsanityMy friends, they hate me. They’re really demons hiding under concerned masks. I don’t know what happened but they’ve changed. Going from stitching up my wounds to pushing pins into my heart. As I lie here in my sorrow I can hear them cracking jokes about me…About me. They talk about me, mark me as diseased to deter others away. I hate this! Every word behind my back is a dagger… maybe one that is real and not metaphorical… What if they’re planning my murder as they hate me so? That would make sense, it explains the silence as I enter the room. Hushed voices when I’m in the hallway. They’re planning my death! What do I do? I can’t call the police as I’m sure they’re in on it too. How can I stop them? They’ll hunt me down for as long as they live…as…long…as…they…live. What if they’re dead? What is I kill them first? God. What am I thinking? They’re my friends, I
WaP - 12. Insanity by fictograph 12. Insanity"Carson, what are we doing here?" Aaron sneered at the store in front of them, judging everything from the junky cars parked nearby to the plain red brick the building was made of.
Carson quirked an eyebrow as he turned off the truck. "Shopping. What else would we be doing here?"
"Arson comes to mind," he grumbled, hopping out of the truck. "We'd be doing the city a favor."
"What do you have against Wal-Mart?" Carson asked as they walked toward the door. "It's cheap, and it's easy to get to."
"It's also trashy and disgusting."
"It's not that bad," Carson said, expression dry.
Aaron gaped at him. "Yes it is!" he protested, ignoring the greeter as she tried to get the pair's attention. "The only people who come here are white trash, living in poverty, crazy, or prostitutes."
"What gives you that idea?" Carson questioned, furrowing his brow.
Aaron pointed to a woman with two young children, an infant and a wailing toddler. Her face was worn: stress lines and dull brown eyes. Her clothes w
12. Insanity by PersephoneWatching12: Insanity by Ajzan-Hataru012. Insanity by TheHouseofK

Mature Content

Mature Content

Insanity-100 Themes by bertalina 12-InsanityIsabelle walked past a mirror and stared at her reflection.
How many times she stared in a mirror and didn't see her own reflection, but many others?
Her 8 year old self, showing that her innocence is long gone.
Her 15 year old self, enraged at the betrayal of her family.
Althea, the inner demon of her insanity.
How many times has she seen Althea looking back at her? Seen her smirking and grinning at her, like she had a secret of her own?
How many has she let her control slip, let Althea's sanity take her over, filling her with rage and grief she tried to purge from herself?
Isabelle sighed as she walked away from the mirror. At times like this, the same question lingers in her mind.
Just how sane is she really is?
012 - Insanity by clumsyrebel
012 - Insanity"Is there anything I can say that will stop you?"
I shook my head. Damn him, why did he have to be like this? Were all little brothers so infuriating?
"Tell me again what you're going to do."
"So that you can pick it apart." He grinned, his freckled cheeks shining in the bright midday sun.
He turned and pointed at the thundering waterfall. Its rumbling underpinned every sound, and, inured to it, I knew that I would feel its absence when I moved away. There were a few tourists wandering around, one kid with a balloon.
"I'm going to take a boat to the top of there and tether it."
"You're going to tether a boat at the top of Niagara Falls. Uh-huh…"
He rolled his eyes at me. "There are secure tethers up there; how do you think they do maintenance on it?" He turned back and moved his finger down the waterfall. "There are five cameras set up to catch the dive. It'll be magnificent, and it'll be a YouTube hit within minutes. The bottom is just deep enough to negate the force of t
12. Insanity by catnaper 12. Insanity.12. Insanity.
Her eyes went to the window, a sorrowful expression on her features. It was a tiny little square, with a double layer that was supposed to secure her inside. She knew very well that it was only to pretend they were somehow respecting her dignity.
Those losers.
With a sudden anger that she could not explain, she kicked the "bench". It did nothing to it. If it had been a true bench, it might have broken from the force. But it was merely a piece of wall sticking out of the actual wall. So, so cheap. In her mind, the least they could have done was to give her a decently decorated room. It could have been all covered with shackles, for all she cared, as long as it wasn't that disturbing white.
Ja. White. As if her body ever held an inch of white.
She was about to start kicking the door - it usually made a very pretty, disturbing sound, that would make the other residents go wild and imitate her - when she heard the far off door creak open.
Visiting hours! She kne
Insanity by Hi-Agni12. Insane Hatter by SpaceMcgyver


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